Some background to the case against Andrej and six others

In the last days some material was produced that gives a lot of background to what is happening to Andrej and the six others accused of being terrorists.

See this new video on Current TV that also covers the Berlin demonstration Sept 22 against data retention and surveillance:

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A long piece describing and analysing the case and terrorism jurisdiction in Germany in general will be publised shortly on Statewatch, it’s already on the Einstellung website: 

Crime by association – Terrorist law used to criminalise critical research


the past years, political opposition and investigative journalism
have come under attack by police and secret services in Germany. In
line with a general erosion of civil liberties in Europe, exacerbated
by the "war on terror" and egged on by shady secret service
activities, investigative journalists have been spied on (see
Statewatch Bulletin
vol 16 no 1), G8 protesters have been criminalised (see Statewatch
vol 17 no 2), and most
recently critical social scientists have been accused of membership
of a terrorist organisation for being associated with social
movements and using words such as ‘gentrification‘,
‘precarisation‘ and ‘Marxist-Leninist‘ in their publications;
words that also appeared in letters by a group claiming
responsibility for arson attacks against cars and buildings in and
around Berlin since 2001. Next to the social scientists, one of whom
was also arrested, three activists were arrested and accused of
having attempted to set fire to military vans on an industrial
terrain near Berlin. All accused have been charged with membership of
a terrorist organisation; the police claims that they form part of a
group that calls itself ‘militante gruppe‘ (militant group,
hereafter ‘mg‘), but hard evidence to corroborate this claim is
still missing. Whilst earlier terrorist proceedings criminalising the
oppositional left received little attention from the mainstream
media, a mass of protest letters has reached the German public
prosecutors office regarding this case. Distinguished professors such
as Mike Davis and David Harvey and university and educational
institutes such as the Centre for Urban
and Community Studies
or the Global
Union Federation Education International
are demanding, in strongly-worded
statements, an end to the proceedings and that they are endangering
freedom of research and thought. However, next to the worrying trend
that people are prosecuted for their writing, the recent arrests have
led to the more far-reaching debate about the application of
terrorist law to ‘regular‘ criminal acts. (more..)


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